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God is so GREAT! Peggy was healed from cancer and there is no sign of it in her body. The power of faith and the fact that there is nothing to difficult for God, reigns SUPREME! Thank you Jesus. 7/12/2015


Praise Report From Tom C:
My son Jason is no longer having joint pain all over his body, our God is a great healer!!!


Compass Care Walk Life 2015

Pastor Michael & Christi representing Living Water Fellowship in the CompassCare Walk for Life. God blessed us to take part in helping to raise funds for this organization.


Jesus Has Answered Prayer


Prayer for Susan honored by our Lord and Savior with miraculous results. Susan's surgery went extremely well and she has been abundantly blessed. Her doctor has taken her off the medication and she is healthy enough to return to work. God answers prayer. Susan is back at work and giving God all the praise. 

What an amazing God we serve!

Answer To Prayer

Great news!!! The pathology report came back with good news! Beau's tumor was a low grade ganglia-glioma tumor! He will not have to do any radiation or  chemo !!!!!! 
He did have to go in and have a CT scan on Thursday to check out the fluid that was building up. The doctor was happy with the healing progress of the incision into his brain. The doctor said the fluid was in an ok spot and will eventually go away on its own. 
Beau is staying awake for longer periods of time some days and some days, he will sleep all day.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!! They all have been working!!!

Ermma Sanchez Is Doing Well

Ermma is doing well. She called a friend of mine yesterday. Chemo is going well. She said the prayers that Chloretta sent out are working. Well... Jesus is Working-- Praise Him.

Quickly Answered Prayer

Alan is home from the hospital and doing well. He is back on a solid diet and feels much better. God is Wonderful!!!!

New Believers

Praise God!
There was a special village meeting today in a new village GATAPAR Dist. Dhamtari Chhattisgarh some 55 km away from Bhilai. Many people responded and growing in Christ. Pl pray for them.

One erstwhile goon Lallu (Omprakash Singh from Bihar) is coming to Christ. He attended two meetings today. He has problem of kidney malfunctioning. Pl pray for his salvation and healing.
God Bless you!


Wendy's Mom on the Mend

Wendy's mom (she fell)-Per Wendy, her Mom is doing much better. She says thanks!Praise the LORD!!

Elisa Home From Hospital

Praise the Lord for Elisa, she was not waking up from sleep, the Dr's didn't know what was causing this. We took it to the Lord in prayer and since then she has awoken and was able to return home from the hospital. The Dr's still don't know what happened, we serve a powerful God!!!

John (Police Officer) At Home Now

John is at home now. The doctors shared with John and his family that his recovery for the injuries he suffered is unprecedented. When he was first admitted to the hospital, as they were planning to treat him, they conjured up as many possibilities as they could as to potentially negative results in order that they may move quickly to treatment if any of those scenarios played out...not one of those potentials came to pass. One of the doctors even mentioned that the only way to explain the rate and magnitude of his recovery is that God has been at work!

I say Amen and Amen to God working in Johns life.

God's Hand At Work

Hey Mom and Dad

Our QA results for the month of December have been finalized. Our team made a month over month improvement of nearly 3 points. On a scale of 19.21, our team averaged 12.88 in November, but we are ending December at 15.44. This is a huge improvement. Out of our 15 team members, 7 are exceeding expectations in the quality metric, another 6 are meeting expectations, and just 1 not meeting. One of our guys even recorded perfect scores the entire month.

We still have other metrics that we need to improve upon, but I just wanted to share this information with you guys. We went from the worst quality scores to the 2nd best out of 5 teams, missing 1st place by 0.01 points. Also, one of our team members posted on her Facebook page that she has never in her life felt like she belonged, but being part of the team she is on here at work has changed that. People's hearts are being touched and changed. We are so excited to see what happens in the near future.


James Miller

God is in Control

Everyone's prayers for my son Adam are helping. I need to share a story that happened last Wednesday at the Love Song event at Calvary Chapel. Adam said he'd like to go to the event with me but we were running late. The event was packed but when we arrived, a smiling parking volunteer ushered us to the ONE parking spot left in the lot. When we got inside, it was standing room only but an usher looked at Adam and I and said "two?". He then proceeded to seat us in the middle of church in 2 seats with a great view!
Jesus not only reserved a parking spot for us but took care of our seating as well ! I think He is telling me that He has everything about my son Adam in His control.
Please continue to pray for Adam.



Praise God for Randy's Healing

Have I got a testimony for you!  Randy had cancer but when they went in to remove it, the cancer fell apart in front of the doctors as if destroyed already.  The doctors said they have never seen anything like it. They removed all the destroyed cancer and Randy got two Chemo treatments and is just fine.  No cancer and he is doing well
God's grace--

Update on Stephanie P.

All is well with Stephanie.  She is back to work full time and the cancer was removed and benign.  God is so good---

Update from Jane G

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!!!!!  My pathology reports were great...nice big clean margins around the cancers, nothing in the lymph nodes. My incision is healing nicely, and I don't have to see the surgeon again. 

I cried when I got my results...I was so, so relieved.  So were my hubby, kids, and my mom!  Thank you all for those wonderful prayers and thoughts. 

I see an oncologist to hear what he recommends...for hormone therapy... and a genetic counselor on Sept. 9th.  I don't need radiation or chemo. Thank you, God!!

John Falk's Healing

Great news! We have been praying for John Falk who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his left ear and forehead 10 months ago. The doctors, prior to operating on him told him he didn't have much time left and even by operating on him they were pretty positive they could not get it all. In fact they told him at this stage, they would have to remove his head if they expected to remove all the cancer.
Again, that was roughly 10 months ago. "Prayer Was Requested" and Jesus intervened. The doctors were able to remove all of the visible cancer.
Jesus 1, Doctors 0.
After surgery and during his chemo treatment, John who weighed about 160 pounds, lost 80 lbs. He has since regained all of his weight back.
Jesus 2, Doctors 00.
During his Chemo treatment the doctors didn't give him much hope, they told him he would never regain his hearing in his left ear due to the cancer but again "Prayer was Requested" and several days after the operation, his hearing began to return. 
Jesus 3, Doctors 000.
Fast forward to the end of June 2011. John again "Requested Prayer" because even though he had beaten the odds of survival, he had to have a complete body scan (MRI), to determine if the cancer had returned. After the MRI, the Doctors were amazed because there is NO sign of cancer in his body. Zero Cancer People!
Jesus 4, Doctors 0000
This is an incredible gift of mercy and power. Jesus performed miracles beyond human understanding.
The Doctors told him he did not need to return for 6 months.
Folks, John is Not in Remission, He does not have any cancer in his body. Zero Cancer!
Jesus 5, Doctors 00000
All Glory and All Praise to My Lord and My God, Jesus the Christ.
Jesus saves and Jesus heals. My God is alive an actively working in our lives today. Amen and Amen

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